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Tinasha "Tish" Gray

Tinasha is the author of The Source of Wellness series. True connection to The Source of Wellness is the message God has given Tinasha to share with the world. Over the years, she has touched the lives of many as a wellness educator, small business owner, an active leader in her community and local Church.

Tinasha was born on the tropical island of Grenada – The Isle of Spice. She enjoys life while camping with her family, reading, traveling and fellowshipping with family and friends. Tish is a Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Her lifelong career with Massage Therapy started in 1994 while living on the Island of Grenada.

Tinasha’s true purpose in life is to empower others to live a balanced life in Christ. She accomplishes her mission by educating and coaching individuals, couples and families on the path to living a balanced life in Christ. She is an ordained minister of the Gospel, inspirational speaker, wellness educator, and Christian Counselor. She also hosts The Tinasha Gray Show on 106LiveRadio.com & 106Inspiration.com weekdays 10AM -2PM Eastern.

Her husband Jason is also an amazing Co-host on The Tinasha Gray Show - Epic Marriages based on their "Epic Event" with their testimony of restoration. The mission of the radio program is to coach and empower you to live a balanced life by speaking mainly on the topics related to your spirit-soul-body connection. Rest assured, this show will assist you on the journey of living a balanced life in Christ Jesus.

Jason is a Master Electrician and entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management and an Associate Degree in Electronics. After Jason’s life transformation, he seeks to compel others to turn from prisons of deception and carnality to a life of freedom in Christ.​

Together Jason and his wife, Tinasha reside in Douglasville, Georgia. They have been married for over fifteen years they have authored; From Brokenness to Wholeness. They are parents to three handsome young men; Andre, Carter and Sidney. As a family, they enjoy RVing and camping in the state parks. Their family motto is; Work hard, play hard, and keep Christ in the center of everything.

Jason's favorite verse in the Bible is:
"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men"
- Colossians 3: 23 - 24

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Jason Gray


I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually]."

3 John 1:2 (AMP)

The Source of Wellness book series is a legacy that allows Tinasha's dreams, values and mission to flourish.

The Source of Wellness book series includes 7 distinct works on the topic of wholeness. Tinasha's backgrounds in Holistic Medicine, Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's in Christian Counseling have allowed her to integrate dynamic communication skills, knowledge and experiences into seven life transforming books.

Tinasha at a book signing, signing one of her books from the Source of Wellness series.
Photo of Tinasha Gray

Experience The Difference With Connection To The Source

Tinasha "Tish" Gray's mission in life is to introduce and nurture others into living a well-balanced life that incorporates a holistic approach in light of the spirit-soul-body connection. Now, her counsel to you is to seek to "experience the difference" with a Christ-centered balanced life. As a wellness enthusiast, she believes you can experience optimum wellness in every area of your life.

"My favorite verse in the Bible is:
Let your light shine brightly"
-Matthew 5:16

Experience The Difference With Connection To The Source.

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